Student guidance at Aalborg University

Do you have questions for the student guidance counsellors about your choice of study programme?

admission guidance 

The admission guidance counsellors at Aalborg University are ready to help answering your questions about choosing a study programme or how to apply. You might have questions about:

  • Choice of study programme, both bachelor's, master's and exchange
  • Application procedures
  • Admission requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Admission with dispensation

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Programme student counsellors

Each study programme at Aalborg University has its own guidance counsellor, who also is a student at the program. The programme student counsellor can help you with questions specific to the programme and its contents. It could be:

  • The academic content
  • Opportunities during the programme, eg internships
  • The study environment
  • Group work and exams
  • Action plans in connection with the 3rd exam attempt
  • Exemption regarding the study, eg exam
  • Job opportunities after the final exam

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Do you have questions for the student guidance counsellors about well-being at your study programme?

student guidance

The student guidance counsellors help current students at Aalborg University with questions that are not study-specific. These include:

  • Well-being and good everyday study life
  • Change of programme and study termination
  • Guidance and rules on e.g. maternity leave and sick leave
  • Other choices along the way in your education

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